Kit glue for repairing vagina hair




Repair kit

Product Description

package: 2pcs/set
Specification: 20ml + 20ml
Use parts: surface bonding
Appearance: transparent liquiduse steps:
use the 770 first Apply to areas that need repairing,after 770 Volatilization,then Smear 501 again, wait it dry.
Shelf life: 12 months Operating procedures:
• First clean the surface of the material and wait for the surface to dry.
• Evenly brush the surface of the bonding (nail or eyelash) material with 770 treatment agent, wait for the surface to dry (5 ~ 10 seconds), and then use Huayi glue 401 to bond.
• The strength of material destruction can be reached after 1 ~ 3 minutes Range of use:
Specially bonding nails of TPE / silicone solid dolls, hair, eyelashes, such as TPE / silicone solid dolls, careless nails fall off, this professional glue is very strong, and can also bond various PVC glue materials, leather, ceramic Electronic toys, wood, plastics,ghost bond glue. ghost bond glue

What is repair kit

repair kit or service kit is a set of items used to repair a device, commonly comprising both tools and spare parts. Many kits are designed for vehicles, such as cars, boats, airplanes, motorbikes, and bicycles, and may be kept with the vehicle in order to make on-the-spot repairs. Some are considered essential safety equipment, and may be included survival kits. In the military, personnel crossing large water bodies in aircraft may be equipped with a raft and raft repair kit. Other kits, such as those for watch repair or specific engine components, are used by professionals. Depending on the type, a repair kits may be included when buying a product, or may be purchased separately.ghost bond glue


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