Throw caution to the wind and bring me home. I am the most obedient lover you will ever have and I’m certain that you will ever need.  Let me feel you on top of me and take you to the depths of pleasure you have been unable to yet reach.

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Height (cm) Bust (cm) Waist (cm) Hips (cm) Vaginal Depth (cm) Oral Depth (cm) Anal Depth (cm) Packing Size (cm)
158 85 66 78 16 12 14 154 x 42 x 31


Why choose Sex Doll official?

Our sex dolls are the best quality dolls currently available on the market due to the superior TPE silicone mix material that they are fabricated from. Our precious sex dolls are smooth & sensual to the touch, totally realistic with soft curves in all the right places. All our dolls are expertly hand finished by professional makeup artists who provide that lusted for elegance. Our entire range is fully flexible and extremely durable due to the high-grade material, to create a sublime odourless and none greasy love product. sexy sexdoll com

  • Highest grade TPE material
  • Expertly crafted and hand finished by professional makeup artists
  • Durable and flexible
  • Smooth & soft realistic and life like to the touch
  • Market leader
  • None greasy
  • TPE & silicone mix

Compared to pornography for which thousands, and compared to sex robots for which dozens of scientific studies are available, sex dolls, their use and effects have been relatively little researched so far. This is not surprising because sex dolls are a subtype of sex toys, and sex toys as material sexual objects are fairly under-researched in general. Sara the sex doll with long blond hairNevertheless, a systematic review from the year 2020 was able to identify 29 published academic studies on sex dolls.These sex doll studies deal with the following five research questions: 1. What are appropriate theoretical conceptualizations of sex dolls ? 2. How are sex dolls represented in art and media?

3. What empirical findings on the use and effect of sex dolls are available through interviews, surveys or analyzes of sex doll online forums?

4. What therapeutic uses and effects of sex dolls are documented in clinical case studies?

5. Should there be a legal regulation of child sex dolls, and if yes, why and how?

Overall, the current state of research shows that sex doll owners (so far, the majority are men) and their uses are diverse and that sex dolls can be associated with negative and positive effects. Likewise, the available empirical studies with sex doll owners indicate that they do not only regard and treat their dolls as “sex” dolls, but sometimes also as “love” dolls or sexdoll com


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