How long does average delivery take to the UK?

We can get any order out to the UK on a next day delivery for a time slot that fits for you.

How long does average delivery take to Europe?

Deliveries to Europe can take between 1-4 working days depending on the delivery technique that is picked by the customer.

How long does an average delivery take to outside of Europe? i.e. USA

It takes on average 10-14 days to deliver to any part of the USA on average.

What do I do with doll once I’m finished with it, can it go in the bin?

You can actually dispose of your used dolls on various online websites for a super discounted price compared to the original selling price which can be very good to someone who may be desperate for a doll, also you can take them to your local tips and even though this can be embarrassing you can just declare it as “household waste” and this would be fine and you would be pointed in the right direction.

Can I interact with my doll? Does it speak/move?

At the moment we are currently undergoing restructure and we are working on a whole new range of AI dolls “artificial intelligence” and will soon have a wide range of interacting, moving dolls for you to explore.

Are dolls available for rental if so how does it work?

We used to offer this service but due to many complications we now no longer offer this.

How do I maintain and clean my doll properly?

We offer a range of cleaning products for your doll in order to keep it hygienic and if used in the correct way the doll should never break or have any issues with itself and should always be cleaned after usage, we offer advice on how to maintain these products properly and if ever have a question for something that is not covered in this section please refer to one of our members of staff on our email address.

The Legality Of Silicon Dolls

Sexs dolls themselves are actually deemed legal in most major countries all around the world however some countries for instance like India, Turkey, Brazil they have strict laws on any sex dolls for the simple fact that there are arguments made that some dolls that are smaller may actually represent children and because of that reason child sex and pornography laws need to be carefully and seriously considered, there is also a problem with the rental of dolls because it can appear as a brothel like approach on thing and for this reason is why these countries and a few others choose to ban the use of rentals etc.